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Par-Troy Little League East

PTE Registration


All T-Ball and new to league children will get FREE registration!*

Click here to make sure your child falls within the boundaries of Par-Troy Little League East

Click here to determine your child's LEAGUE AGE for 2024 

Registration is open to children ages 4 - 16 that attend OR will be attending the following schools:

  • Northvail
  • Lake Hiawatha
  • Troy Hills
  • Rockaway Meadow
  • Knollwood
  • Central Middle School
  • Parsippany High School
  • All Saints Academy

    Registration Payments

    • Each family will be charged one $75 Volunteer Fee and one $30 Fundraiser Fee.
    • Registration fees differ for each division and can be found when registering for a particular division

    The Volunteer Fee can be refunded back in multiple ways. Click here to find out how.
    Your Fundraiser Fee provides you with our fantastic PTE Discount Cards. The PTE Discount Card has over 20 discounts to local restaurants and stores.

    TO PAY BY CHECK, EMAIL [email protected]


How the Process Works


Registration Instructions

  1. Click here and fill out the form to create your account.
  2. Fill out the Primary Parent/ Guardian Information form and the Additional Parent/ Guardian Information form (this can be skipped).
  3. Enter your first child’s information. If you are registering another child, click Add Another Participant at the bottom of the page.
  4. Board Members Only- After you add all of your children, you must also register yourself. Click Add Another Participant and at the top of the page you’ll see Is the participant the same as the primary account holder? Click it to Yes.
  5. Answer all the questions for each child and for yourself.
  6. Don’t worry, you will only get charged one Volunteer Fee and Fundraiser fee per family (even though the question may show multiple times).
  7. You will also be able to sign up to be a Manager or Assistant Coach Volunteer Role.
  8. At the end you will see your shopping cart and all of your fees (and discounts) listed. Once you’ve completed your order you will get an email confirmation.
  • If at any time you need to pause your registration, just click Back to My Account on the top left of the page. This will bring you back to your MY ACCOUNT page. 
  • To resume registration, just click the Register Now! button (in red) on the top right of your MY ACCOUNT page. You can continue from there.
  • If you need to edit your children’s or your own information, you can do so my clicking the red pencil next to their name on your MY ACCOUNT page.

Getting Started on a Team

Once you have created an account, are logged in, and at the registration page, you can begin adding your players and their information.  The date of birth for each player determines the division that will be available for the player to be registered.  Once the player is registered and payment is completed, your child effectively goes into a pool of other players of the same division.  When registration has closed, teams will be built and players will be assigned to a team, as well as managers and coaches.  If a player has a parent that has volunteered to manage or coach, the player will always be paired on the same team with the parent. Once all players have been placed on a team, rosters will be sent out letting you know on which team your player is, as well as the assigned manager and coach(es).   

It’s beneficial to limit the size of the teams and create as many teams as possible to increase playing time, team competitiveness, and exposure to various levels of opponents.  Having enough parent volunteers for managing and coaching roles for all of the teams are essential for the season to get started.  So please volunteer to be involved and help us get the season started.

Soon after rosters are sent out, Managers will be reaching out with the schedule of practices and games.  At that point, all coordination of scheduling remains with the Team's families and Team Manager.

Moving up/Changing Divisions

Anyone wishing to register their player for a division other than the option the website is offering, please first determine your player's League age here, with the Little League online calculator.  Regardless of your player's age at the time of registration, Little League uses an age scale based on date of birth to determine division placement.  A player can be moved up or down to another division only if the player is eligible to do so.  Once you determine your player's League age, continue down this page to understand which division your player is eligible.

Division Eligibility

  • Players who are League age 4-6 are eligible play on a T-Ball team. First year players League age 6 must play T-ball.
  • Players who are League age 6 that have participated in at least one regular season in the T-Ball Division are eligible to play on a Rookies Division team.
  • Players who are League age 7-8 are eligible to play on a Rookies League Division team.  Players of League age 9 may request/be assigned to play down on a Rookies Division team.
  • Players who are League age 9-10 are eligible to be selected to a Minors Division team. Players of League age 8 may be evaluated to play up on a Minors Division team.
  • Players who are League age 10-12 are eligible to be evaluated and selected to a Majors Division team.
  • Players who are League age 12-14 are eligible to be evaluated and selected to a Juniors Division team.
  • Players who are League age 13-16 are eligible to be evaluated and selected to a Seniors Division.

If you wish to have your player in a division outside of their League age bracket, please register them in their League age division, complete the Player Movement Form and bring it to the Evaluation on March 9.

Players that are League age 6 and older that have played at least one year of T-ball are eligible for Rookies Division registration.  If this is your circumstance and only T-ball is offered for registration, please complete the T-ball registration for your player and contact [email protected] to have your player transferred to Rookies. 

Annual Evaluation

Evaluations are held for all PTE registered players age 8 and older, regardless of division.  The reason for this is for the League to determine the most appropriate division for each player, taking into account safety of all players, skill level, and player development.  Evaluations are also used for team placement WITHIN each division so teams can be built with players evenly distributed based on skill level. It also serves as a first-look of player selection for the All Stars tournament.   An 8 year old player aspiring to be moved up to Minors must attend the evaluation and have a completed Player Movement Form with them.

Evaluations will be conducted on Saturday, March 9th at the Smith turf Field (Parsippany High School gym in the event of unfavorable weather) from 10am to 4pm. Players must bring their glove and bat to participate in the evaluation.  Please, no shorts, and no cleats on the turf field or the school gym. (Smith Field GPS Nav address: 8 Grange Road, Parsippany.  Behind the tennis courts).

For any questions or issues, contact [email protected]

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